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This website is still under construction and we apologize for any errors you may encounter. Feedback at info[at] is VERY welcome.

Hello and welcome to our website,

Visiting our website, you probably want to enroll in one of our online courses. We are extremely happy about that. Also because we are able to present our new website. And here you can enroll for your course. Of course, you can also enroll by eMail but please do not forget the details such as which course you are enrolling for. THANK YOU. Enrollment for the next Intensive Seminar will be opened soon.

We are the Austrian Association to Promote Russian Language and Culture and host intensive seminars for Russian in Vienna. In Winter, they usually take place in February for all language levels (also absolute beginners!) and ages – and in Summer in July.

Our Seminars are taught bei experienced lecturers of Russian from several Russian and Austrian universities.

The next intensive seminars take place from February 5 to 10, 2024 and then again in July 2024 in Vienna. Currently we are offering Online Conversation and Grammar Courses at various Russian proficiency levels.

We cordially invite you to join us!

Topic of the Month

NEW: An Online Semester Course and Conversation Courses in B1 and B2 with our lecturers via Zoom directly to wherever you are!

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Seminar Voices

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Seminar Voices


Some of our Lecturers

Mag. Tatiana Valerjevna Stadler

Mag. Tatiana Valerjevna Stadler

seminar administrator

Prof. Mag. Harald Loos

Prof. Mag. Harald Loos

teaches courses such as grammar

Dr. Inna Ivanovna Grubmair

Dr. Inna Ivanovna Grubmair

often teaches absolute beginners

Dr. Irina Kisielowa

Dr. Irina Kisielowa

new in our Team

How to reach us:

Austrian Association to Promote Russian Language and Culture

Erne-Seder-Gasse 6/3/32, 1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA



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